Image of D S I D E: THIRD LAP

..its now been three full laps of the Sun since Dside was born

..and to continue the annual release for Dside's completed laps, this full publication includes every wall painted and all the projects done during the last year, including documentation from Dside's first Exhibition, EXTINCTED.

.."Dside has been researching phone use a lot this year and its negative impacts, so very little of the work done during this Lap has been shared through any online platforms.. meaning the bulk of whats in this years book is unpublished/unshared, or behind the scenes, unless you've found it in the real world yourself.."

The book is full colour, over 100 pages with a french folded cover, recycled paper, and locally printed in Wellington. There will only be 100 copies made and a section of these are not released to the public, so there ain't many.

The Third Lap Book has been released to order now, though copies will be shipped out second week of December.