Image of D S I D E; FIRST LAP

..its nearly been a full lap of the Sun since Dside was born

..so to celebrate Dside's first Birthday he will be releasing a full publication, his first Book,


The book is full colour, 100 pages, a french folded cover and finished realy nice by some flash people in Wellington, the paper is recycled, and there will only be 100 copies made.

"..as Dside got to start from fresh with a new identity, it was possible to count and number all the wall's that got painted, wont say how many got done during the year, though have included every single one of them in this book.. along with wall sketch's, the postcard method, the claymation experiments, pages from the sketch book's, some unpublished bodypainting photo shoots, the never publicaly shown DsideOpoly board game artwork, and possibly a little sneak veiw of the Platform Game Dside made with Milarky earlier this year.."

To stay true to the full lap, all projects right up to the 18th will be included. The Book will be released to order on the 18th October 2016, though the final copies will be shipped out once printed. Thank you