D S I D E: FOURTH LAP pre-sales


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..if you follow Dside, then you know what these books are about, and you'll also be aware they take a while to get made- every project from the Lap [full year] is included, so the book is only started once the Lap is complete on the 18th October, they involve a lot of sourcing and curating -though we're getting faster, and no harddrives or laptops failed in this last Lap.

Is being made currently and will be printed and shipped out once the local printers reopen next year. All pre-sales between now and then will be signed as a thanks for supporting in advance.

The 'Fourth Lap' Book is on recycled paper, around 100 colour pages, with a french folded soft cover, locally printed in Wellington, and matching size to the last three Lap editions. There will only be a limited 100 copies made.